Archives for March 2012

9 Months, 10 Days

Evan has officially been in the world as long as he was in the womb.  Nine months, ten days.  I cannot believe how much he’s changed!!  In the last three months, particularly this last month, he’s changed the most.

He has six shark teeth, with two more on the way – no more gummy smile.  Loves to eat his solids – current favs are chicken, peas, sweet potatoes and puffs. Crawls everywhere and with a purpose.  Claps and waves, but not on demand, it’s all on his terms.  Rough-housing and wrestling are becoming more regular and he is learning it’s okay to hit Daddy in the face, but to be gentle with Mommy.  He started snuggling again and it is the absolute sweetest thing ever.  Just last night, while we were reading a Bible story before bed, he snuggled me, then snuggled Dan, back and forth, back and forth.  Love, love it!  He’s extremely laid-back and easy going, at least when his Mom and Dad around – he’s recently developed stranger anxiety which is normal and okay.  Reading books has become a favorite past-time for him.  When we’re done reading a page, we lift up the next page, he turns it, then politely puts his hand back in his lap and waits for the next page to be turned.  It’s adorable!  For the first time yesterday, he was “reading” all by himself – laying on his tummy turning the pages of his truck book like he was reading a novel on the beach.  Everyday he’s growing, learning and becoming his own little person.  And, of course, we love every second!

Aloha Friday

The other Friday we lavished in Aloha. Evan contemplated life while Dan surfed to the sun setting.