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Pumpkin Patch

Believe it or not, there are pumpkins in Hawaii. Like most every thing else, they probably came over on a boat, but that didn’t stop us from taking in the festivities of the season.

They also had a “petting” zoo where Evan got to see his first goat.

And a pig.

We went to Waimanalo’s Pumpkin Patch with our good friends the Mulder’s and Geer’s.  Here’s the result of trying a cute “First Time to the Pumpkin Patch” picture of three babies.

And like any good four month old, Evan just had to know what this new, bright orange object tasted like.




How many pumpkin patches do you know of that have an ocean view and 82 degree temperatures?

Evan’s World at Four Months

He giggles. And smiles even more. He rolls from his tummy to his back.  He has a foot obsession – over his own feet, of course.  His coordination gets better each day, which means most everything makes it straight to his mouth.  He LOVES bath time – somehow managing to cover a large portion of the bathroom floor with bath water every time.  He makes lots and lots of noises – being most talkative in the morning.  He sleeps great and wakes up with the sweetest smile and, if you’re lucky, a giggle – I wish I had the excitement about early mornings like he does.  He loves to be sung to – current faves are “Wheels on the Bus” and “Only a Boy named David.”  He’s discovered computers and iPhones – they call his name, like father like son. He’s a content little guy and is happy playing all by himself for extended periods of time.  Recently, he started enjoying being lifted up high in the air and lowered down – the thrill of a roller coaster for little ones. From the clothes in his dresser, you would think he was at least six months.  Please don’t be deceived by his rolls, this boy’s got some he-man strength.  He jumps and kicks any chance he gets.  And now that he’s a big boy, he get’s to play with the other kids in the nursery at church.

He’s pretty much the best!!

On a more sentimental note, it was a year ago this month we found out we were expecting, which happened to be the same day we were dropping our adoption paperwork off at the post office.  What a year of God’s provision and faithfulness!?

Cuz This is How I Roll

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