Jesus’ Mother

I blogged about this when I was pregnant with Evan and still think about it every Christmas:

Mary, Jesus’ mother, found herself in an “unplanned” pregnancy. Our Savior, the great Comforter, the Prince of Peace, the compassionate God. The One who can relate to each girl who becomes pregnant unexpectedly came into this world through a girl who was absolutely shocked by the fact that she was pregnant.

If you think of it, please pray for all the birthmoms celebrating Christmas wondering what their baby is going to do for Christmas. Also, let’s praise God for blessing so many families through the miracle of adoption this year, especially as they celebrate this Christmas with their new babies.

Give Love

“Do small things with great love and you’ll make a big difference.” – Anonymous

This Christmas season you have the opportunity to join us on our adoption journey. Would like to know how?!?

We are hosting a Christmas “Give Love” Ornament Sale. One hundred, hand-made ornaments. Each ornament has been assigned a number 1-100 and the assigned number is the “price.” For example, Ornament 1 = $1, Ornament 22 = $22, Ornament 60 = $60, etc. Believer it or not, if all ornaments are purchased, it’ll bring in a little over $5,000!!! That would cover about half of the remaining expenses!

Please check out all the ornaments under the “Give Love Ornaments” tab on our blog. Consider giving one as a gift, using one as a fun gift embellishment or as your family’s 2014 keepsake ornament.

All ornaments can be conveniently purchased on our blog with a debit/credit card or you can make an offline payment. Orders will be mailed or delivered (if you’re local) in a timely manner.

Shout out to the friends and family who made this possible!! Rick, Karen, Kristin, Emma, Callie, Courtney & Bob, Eva and Gerry & girls – thank you!!

Thank you for visiting our little “Give Love” Ornament Store!! Blessings to you!

Maple Wood Etched Ornament  Woodland Fox  Citrus Trio

Big Brother

Almost everyday, Evan asks about when we get to meet “our” baby and we talk about what it’s going to be like having another baby in our family. It’s fun watching him figure this process out… “Are we still gonna have sissy?” “What is the baby gonna look like?” “Can we have a big kid so I can play with him?” “Is our baby gonna come today?” There’s a tenderness about this boy and it beams when he interacts with babies. He will make such a great big brother again!

Here are some of his recent thoughts on “our” baby:

Home Study and Fundraising

Over the last few days, we’ve made some big strides towards our adoption!! First, I’d like to share a bit about our Home Study. We mailed in our application and have begun making progress towards checking tasks off that list. Adoption Home Study ApplicationA Home Study basically is an assessment of an adoptive family to see if they are suitable to adopt a baby or child. It involves LOTS of paperwork, interviews, a home inspection, background checks, medical evaluations, etc… We’ve started this process once before, so we kind of have an idea of what to expect, although I’m sure each experience is unique. The Home Study will likely take 6 to 12 weeks, but once it’s complete, we can officially be placed with a baby!! From our perspective, this portion of the adoption process lays the foundation.

Secondly, our dear friends, Chance and Shelley, have set up a fundraising profile for us. It means the world to us that they have offered to help in this way. Already, I’m completely blown away and in awe of all the love and support that has been poured out on us and our future baby. It’s humbling and encouraging. If you’d like to support our adoption financially, click on the link below or on the “Give Now” button to the right.

Unfortunately, the financial aspect of adoption demands so much focus, but what we cherish even more are your prayers. Adoption is uncharted territory for our family. Over the next couple months, we’re anticipating being presented with circumstances that we’ve never encountered before. As the Lord leads you, please pray we’d have wisdom in every decision and circumstance and for the love of Christ in us to rule above all else.

Thank you for taking interest in our growing family!!

We’re pursuing adoption again!

Ever since our first adoption journey, I’ve (Erin) thought or prayed about adoption nearly every single day. God definitely planted an unforgettable desire to adopt in our hearts. After consideration and prayer, we’ve decided to adopt Lareau Baby #3!!

The month of September has brought tons of encouragement to us…

First, we’ve officially decided to adopt through Adoption Center of Hope in California!! (Previously known as Adoption Answer, the facilitator we were working with before Evan.) We LOVE LOVE the way they minister to expectant/birth moms – that’s very important to us! Plus, they are attentive and great with adoptive families.

Second, we had a very successful garage sale! Thanks to many GENEROUS friends, neighbors and family! Seriously, our friends hooked us up with awesome stuff and our family spent many full days and nights helping us set up, care for Evan and Audrey, fed us, etc. In true Colorado style, snow flakes were falling from the sky the first day and the next day was the most gorgeous early Fall day. Believe it or not, we sold more in the freezing temps than the second day…crazy Coloradans! Go figure! Friends stopped by to encourage and support us, strangers “paid” more than than their purchases totaled and shoppers shared their adoption journeys. The blessing outweighed the effort, no doubt. Between this sale and the one we had in June (which friends and family also contributed to generously), $2200 came in!!!IMG_5989-0.JPG

Third, the Acura sold today!!! The check we got from that will cover our first large fee!

The reality of snuggling a newborn is getting closer and closer by the day!! Who knows? Our baby might already dancing in his/her momma’s tummy 🙂

We’re excited to share this journey with our family and friends! Thanks for sharing in our excitement!!