Give Love

“Do small things with great love and you’ll make a big difference.” – Anonymous

This Christmas season you have the opportunity to join us on our adoption journey. Would like to know how?!?

We are hosting a Christmas “Give Love” Ornament Sale. One hundred, hand-made ornaments. Each ornament has been assigned a number 1-100 and the assigned number is the “price.” For example, Ornament 1 = $1, Ornament 22 = $22, Ornament 60 = $60, etc. Believer it or not, if all ornaments are purchased, it’ll bring in a little over $5,000!!! That would cover about half of the remaining expenses!

Please check out all the ornaments under the “Give Love Ornaments” tab on our blog. Consider giving one as a gift, using one as a fun gift embellishment or as your family’s 2014 keepsake ornament.

All ornaments can be conveniently purchased on our blog with a debit/credit card or you can make an offline payment. Orders will be mailed or delivered (if you’re local) in a timely manner.

Shout out to the friends and family who made this possible!! Rick, Karen, Kristin, Emma, Callie, Courtney & Bob, Eva and Gerry & girls – thank you!!

Thank you for visiting our little “Give Love” Ornament Store!! Blessings to you!

Maple Wood Etched Ornament  Woodland Fox  Citrus Trio