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Waiting. Wanting. Hoping. Trusting.

Well, we’ve been waiting for about two years to welcome another little one into our family. And boy, oh boy, has a lot of life happened in these two years!! So much growth in many different ways.

You would think the longer you do something, the easier it’d get and the better you’d get at it, right!? For us, the longer we wait to meet our #3, the deeper our longing grows and we find ourselves becoming very discouraged and weary at times. A long wait provides plenty of time to consider and question “are we really supposed to be doing this?,” “have we done something wrong to cause this process to drag on?,” or “should we do this or that instead?” When we begin to explore other avenues, we keep coming back to the path we’re on. Anything else feels unsettling and like we’re cheating on what God has for us. As we shift our focus to God, we hear, “Keep on. Stand firm. I’ve got something so good for you. Trust me. Keep hoping.”

God has taught me a ton through waiting. Most recently, He’s been challenging me to stand firm in this wait. Do not waver…as a wave of the sea that is blown and tossed in the wind. James 1:6 The emotions of waiting for a child – whether through adoption or biological pregnancy – are strong, powerful and fierce. One moment, I’m establishing my heart in the Lord like David as he waited to be crowned king and the next second, I’m overcome by discouragement and find myself seeking ways to manipulate our circumstances. It’s a wild ride! But when I place my eyes on Jesus, I have true peace in our decision to continue to wait on adopting the baby God has for us. God has been so gracious to allow us to see fruit, growth and purpose in the waiting. It doesn’t make the waiting easier, but it’s comforting.

To all you who are in it for the long haul with us, THANK YOU!! Seriously can’t emphasize that enough!! As always, we hope to have news sooner than later 😉