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Above and Beyond


God has so faithfully and graciously met our financial needs for our adoption.  Not only was our goal met, but it was exceeded by $195!   A giant thanks to everyone who has prayed and/or participated in our efforts to cover the costs of our adoption!!!  Your love and generosity has been the biggest blessing – we’re beyond grateful and truly humbled.  Thank you.

Our friends and family are the best!! Not very many days go by without someone asking about our adoption. It really means the world to us that people are thinking of us, praying for our family and just as excited to meet our baby as we are!! We hope that we can be a blessing in return.

Life has been very full lately. We’ve recently moved into a house just up the road here in Colorado Springs.  It’s kindda funny, we actually switched houses with Dan’s mom 🙂 The extra space has been wonderful and slowly, but surely we’re settling in.

On the adoption front, we are working on updating our parent profile. Dan designed our first profile back in November and it’s been shown to several expectant moms/parents over the past few months. Although we’ve received positive feedback from our adoption facilitator, we feel that recent pictures of our littles and photos of our new home justify an update. As I type, Dan is putting the final touches on it and preparing it for review and printing. (Side note:  A parent profile is a book about the adoptive family that is shown to expectant moms/parents who are interested in creating an adoption plan.)  Also, in August, our caseworker will be doing an inspection on our home and amending our Home Study. All of these “tasks” will be forgotten when get to experience the unexplainable joy and deep love our baby brings 🙂

In the meantime, we pray, trust and hope. God knows every single detail of each and every one of our lives, including ours and the birth families. Every night when I praise God for Evan and Audrey, I’m reminded of God’s faithfulness, His perfect timing and for the way He delights in the desires of our hearts. He perfectly brought Evan and Audrey into our family and He will do the same with our third baby. Although we doubt and loose hope at times, I’m thankful that God reminds me that He has all of our best interests in mind.

Until we have more news….. Love and Blessings.