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Give Love

“Do small things with great love and you’ll make a big difference.” – Anonymous

This Christmas season you have the opportunity to join us on our adoption journey. Would like to know how?!?

We are hosting a Christmas “Give Love” Ornament Sale. One hundred, hand-made ornaments. Each ornament has been assigned a number 1-100 and the assigned number is the “price.” For example, Ornament 1 = $1, Ornament 22 = $22, Ornament 60 = $60, etc. Believer it or not, if all ornaments are purchased, it’ll bring in a little over $5,000!!! That would cover about half of the remaining expenses!

Please check out all the ornaments under the “Give Love Ornaments” tab on our blog. Consider giving one as a gift, using one as a fun gift embellishment or as your family’s 2014 keepsake ornament.

All ornaments can be conveniently purchased on our blog with a debit/credit card or you can make an offline payment. Orders will be mailed or delivered (if you’re local) in a timely manner.

Shout out to the friends and family who made this possible!! Rick, Karen, Kristin, Emma, Callie, Courtney & Bob, Eva and Gerry & girls – thank you!!

Thank you for visiting our little “Give Love” Ornament Store!! Blessings to you!

Maple Wood Etched Ornament  Woodland Fox  Citrus Trio

Big Brother

Almost everyday, Evan asks about when we get to meet “our” baby and we talk about what it’s going to be like having another baby in our family. It’s fun watching him figure this process out… “Are we still gonna have sissy?” “What is the baby gonna look like?” “Can we have a big kid so I can play with him?” “Is our baby gonna come today?” There’s a tenderness about this boy and it beams when he interacts with babies. He will make such a great big brother again!

Here are some of his recent thoughts on “our” baby: