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Home Study and Fundraising

Over the last few days, we’ve made some big strides towards our adoption!! First, I’d like to share a bit about our Home Study. We mailed in our application and have begun making progress towards checking tasks off that list. Adoption Home Study ApplicationA Home Study basically is an assessment of an adoptive family to see if they are suitable to adopt a baby or child. It involves LOTS of paperwork, interviews, a home inspection, background checks, medical evaluations, etc… We’ve started this process once before, so we kind of have an idea of what to expect, although I’m sure each experience is unique. The Home Study will likely take 6 to 12 weeks, but once it’s complete, we can officially be placed with a baby!! From our perspective, this portion of the adoption process lays the foundation.

Secondly, our dear friends, Chance and Shelley, have set up a fundraising profile for us. It means the world to us that they have offered to help in this way. Already, I’m completely blown away and in awe of all the love and support that has been poured out on us and our future baby. It’s humbling and encouraging. If you’d like to support our adoption financially, click on the link below or on the “Give Now” button to the right.

Unfortunately, the financial aspect of adoption demands so much focus, but what we cherish even more are your prayers. Adoption is uncharted territory for our family. Over the next couple months, we’re anticipating being presented with circumstances that we’ve never encountered before. As the Lord leads you, please pray we’d have wisdom in every decision and circumstance and for the love of Christ in us to rule above all else.

Thank you for taking interest in our growing family!!