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Six Months

Wowee.  It’s been six months since Evan was born.  If he could talk, here’s what he’d say about his world.

I love to eat.  Whether it’s from Mommy, the bottle with Daddy or from a spoon.  In fact, my latest new food is prunes.  Not sure what’s the fuss about ‘em.

Ever since I started eating big boy food, my muscles started getting much stronger.  Now, I can break out of my swaddle and sleep on my side.

While I’m waiting for Mommy or Daddy to get me up from a nap in the swing, I usually get bored and try to escape.  What’s up with buckles on everything?

Rolling from my belly to my back is so yesterday.  These days I prefer rolling from my back to my belly.  My parents get all excited and clap for me.  No big deal.

My next goal is to sit up all by myself.  Sometimes I get to practice in my Boppy and it’s fun because I get to see that my toys are just as awesome from the top as they are from the bottom.

Lately, my family has been taking trips to the beach.  It works out perfect because I sleep in the car ride there and back while Mommy and Daddy talk about how much they love me.  Who doesn’t love day trips to the North Shore?

Sometimes I snuggle a little with my parents when I get up from a nap.  It makes them feel special.

Other new tricks are pulling my paci in and out, recognizing my name and sucking on my toes.

Life is good and here’s proof.

First Foods

Not really a fan of rice cereal at first.

Bananas took a few days of getting used to.

And sweet potatoes were a big hit from the first bite.

The boy LOVES to eat.