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5 Weeks Old

First family picnic to watch the sunset.  Evan especially enjoyed walking around in his new Baby Bjorn and we enjoyed the Haagendaz (pronounced Haagendog) milk shakes.


I love when he stares at me while I’m rocking him to sleep.

I love how he does his very best to imitate his daddy’s faces.

I love the fuzzy hairs on the rims of his ears.

I love the squeaky noises he makes while he’s eating. And sleeping.

I love the one lonely, long hair growing from the top of his head.

I love the way he grunts as he escapes his swaddled blanket.

I love to kiss his chubby cheeks and neck.

I love how he violently sucks on his paci.

I love when he grips on to my shirt with his tiny, little hands.

I love the smiles he has as he drifting to sleep.

I love when he wraps his arm around mine when he’s snuggled on my shoulder.

I love, love, love everything about my sweet boy.

Recap of the first 3 weeks…

Evan’s first outing was a full day that included visiting the doctor and eating lunch at the beach in Kailua with Papa and Grandma.  He was trooper and slept straight through most of it.

To celebrate his week 1 birthday, we drove all the way around the island.  Watched Papa and Dan kayak, then sent them off on a helicopter ride over Oahu.  Don’t worry, Evan, your Daddy will take you to do cool stuff like that someday – but for now, it’s best to stay close to your Momma. The day was made complete with Puka Dogs down in Waikiki.

Our first time to church as a family was fun, although we’ve learned that we need to start heading out the door 20 minutes earlier than we normally would.  It’s okay to be late to church with a one week old baby. All of our friends were excited to meet Evan, and even announced his birth in the bulletin.

On day 10, Evan had another doctor’s appointment.  Our little guy is a heavy-weight – putting on the pounds three times faster than the average infant!  By the way, we love Dr. Tanabe, so we’re okay with visiting him often.

We enjoyed celebrating the 4th of July with friends, Teddy’s Burgers and an impressive firework show.  The booming fireworks put Evan right to sleep –  he’s a good little sleeper.

Other activities included: first sponge bath at home, a photo shoot by the one and only Dan Lareau, lots and lots of diapers and even more milk, tummy time, Skyping with friends and family, trips to the grocery store and sleeping.

Here’s to adoring our sweet boy for the first three weeks.

Hello World.

I’m Evan.  Evan Samuel Lareau.

Evan was born on June 17th at 5:22pm, weighing 8lbs 7oz and measured 21.5 inches long.  He was in no rush to get here, arriving ten days after his due date and taking about a day and a half to make his entrance.  Erin did great through the whole labor and delivery although Evan was a little stressed.  However, once he was out he did great and there were no complications with Evan or Erin.  We came home from the hospital two days later and have been adjusting to life with a newborn.  Thank you to everyone who has been praying for us through this whole process from adoption to getting pregnant and bringing home Evan.  More to come soon…