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The Lareau Name Lives On

Dan has a heavy load resting on his shoulders: carrying on the Lareau name.  It was a close call, but, my friends, worry no more.  Dan has fulfilled his responsibility.  Come June of this year, he will have himself a SON, who will quickly assume the responsibility of continuing on the Lareau name.

Yesterday, we had our much anticipated anatomy ultrasound – a little early at 18 weeks so Dan could be here for it.  Baby is growing perfectly and cute as ever (to us).  Our little guy was punching and kicking the whole time and even looked like he was sucking his thumb at one point, I’m surprised I can’t feel all that movement – maybe I can and just don’t realize it.

Praise God for a healthy baby, so far!  We’re in awe of our God is perfectly putting this little guy together and can’t wait to see how God continues to be glorified in his life.