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Nearly everyday adoption comes to my mind – Does God’s will involve us adopting one day?  What would our life look like right now if I hadn’t become pregnant? As this baby grows in me and my body feels the effects of pregnancy, I find myself thinking about all the birthmoms who experience the same symptoms, but with the intentions of placing their baby into the arms of another family.  I can’t even begin to imagine the emotions and thoughts they have.  They weren’t planning to become pregnant or giving their baby to an adoptive family.  What a difficult time in life.

Today, Adoption Answer brought up an interesting point about Christmas.  Mary, Jesus’ mother, found herself in an “unplanned” pregnancy.   Our Savior, the great Comforter, the Prince of Peace, the compassionate God, the One who can relate to each girl who becomes pregnant unexpectedly came into this world through a girl who was absolutely shocked by the fact that she was pregnant.

If you think of it, please pray for all the birthmoms celebrating Christmas wondering what their baby is going to do for Christmas.  Also, let’s praise God for blessing so many families through the miracle of adoption this year, especially as they celebrate Christmas with their new babies.

P.S.  Yesterday, we had our 16-week check-up and the baby’s heart is just pumping away!  My tummy is growing and most of my pants don’t fit, even with the belly band.  Dan says my belly button looks like it’s stretching out and is convinced is going to be popping out soon – that will be weird.  In 11 days, we have the big ultrasound where we get to find out the gender!!  Thankfully, most of my nausea has subsided and I have much more energy. Everyday we thank God for allowing us to become pregnant and we look forward to next Christmas when the little munchkin is here with us.